July 19. 2016 Juche 105
DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Slams U.S. Ambassador for Flying above S. Korea aboard Fighter
DPRK FM Briefs Asian Diplomatic Envoys on Situation
Press Release Issued by North Side Preparatory Committee for Joint Conference for National Reunification
Delegation of Academy of Social Sciences Back Home
Mongolian Embassy Officials Visit National Gifts Exhibition House
Park Geun Hye Should Stop Browbeating: DPRK Scholar
Modernization of Footwear Industry Brisk in DPRK
Chojong Mineral Water
American Ambassador to S. Korea Termed Mentally Deranged Hooligan
KCNA Commentary Terms Park Geun Hye Modern Day Traitor
Nobody Can Check Advance of Koreans for Independent Reunification: Rodong Sinmun
S. Korean Puppet Group Accused of Disallowing Interview with Abductees of DPRK by UN Human Rights Organization
DPRK Will Watch U.S. Attitude: Rodong Sinmun
Minju Joson Slams Japanese Reactionaries for Trying to Hide Their Scenario for Militarist Overseas Aggression
Minju Joson Flays S. Korean Puppet Regime's Pro-Japanese Act
Newspapers Observe Anniversary of Publication of DPRK-Russia Joint Declaration
S. Korean Ruling Quarters Put in Quandary for Decision on THAAD Deployment
U.S. Ambassador to S. Korea Lays Bare His True Colors as War Maniac
Residents of Songju County, S. Korea Hold Candlelight Rally
S. Korean Organization Stages Urgent Action in Protest against THAAD Deployment
S. Korean CBS Ridicules Regime's Ruling Crisis
U.S. Magazine Asserts Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from S. Korea
S. Korean Christians Oppose Japan's Revision of Peace Constitution
Koreans in U.S. Support Proposal for Great National Conference for Reunification
Kim Il Sung Lauded by Romanian Figure
Foreign Media Praise Kim Il Sung
Solidarity Meeting with Korean People Takes Place in Bulgaria
Korean People's Just Cause Supported by Polish Figures
U.S., S. Korea Are Totally to Blame for Bedeviling Nuclear Issue on Korean Peninsula: Nigerian Figure
Swiss Organizations Blame U.S. for Its Nuclear War Moves
French Body Assails the U.S. and S. Korea's Decision on THAAD Deployment

For Spanish-speaking People
MINREX denuncia sobrevuelo de embajador estadounidense en el Sur de Corea
MINREX concede encuentro de aviso de situacion para delegados diplomaticos de paises asiaticos
Publicado comunicado del comite preparatorio de la parte Norte para Conferencia Conjunta

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