July 18. 2016 Juche 105
Congratulations to UK PM
DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hits Presidential Statement of Asia-Europe Meeting Summit
Pyongyang Orphans' Secondary School Completed
Film Show Held to Mark Kim Il Sung's Visit to Mongolia
Art Performance of KPA Officers' Wives Given
New Stamps Issued in DPRK
Loving Care Shown for War Veterans
DPRK Pays Big Efforts to Developing Marine Resources
KCNA Slams Japan for Denying Its Past Crimes
Rodong Sinmun Praises DPRK as Politically and Ideologically Powerful Country
Rodong Sinmun Blasts U.S. Assertion Related to THAAD Deployment in S. Korea
Rodong Sinmun Assails S. Korean Puppet Forces' Saber-rattling
S. Korean Authorities Accused of Illegally Detaining DPRK Citizens
Murders Rampant in S. Korea
S. Korean Religious Body Says No to THAAD Deployment
S. Korean Papers Slam Park Geun Hye for Suppressing Public Protest against Deployment of THAAD
S. Korean Media Discloses Inequality of Agreement on Sharing Upkeep of U.S. Forces
S. Korean Organizations Slams Park Geun Hye Regime for Giving Full Rein to Japan's Rearmament.
Workers in Ulsan, S. Korea Declare General Strike
Seminar on Kim Il Sung's Exploits Held in Egypt
Brazilian Politician Speaks Highly of Kim Il Sung
Kim Jong Un's Election to Top Post of DPRK Celebrated in Nigeria
Angolan Personages Pay Congratulatory Visit to DPRK Embassy
Swiss Organizations Praise Kim Jong Un's Feats
Swiss Bodies Denounce S. Korean Authorities' Decision on THAAD Deployment
Foreign Media Observe Kim Il Sung's Demise Anniversary
Kim Il Sung's Work Introduced by Austrian Body

For Spanish-speaking People
Cancilleria coreana rechaza declaracion presidencial de la 11a cumbre Asia-Europa
Inaugurada Escuela Secundaria de Pyongyang
Encuentro de cine por 60o aniversario de visita de Kim Il Sung a Mongolia
Kim Jong Un presta mucha atencion a vida de veteranos de guerra

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