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S. Korean Workers Protest against Puppet Authorities' Misrule
Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- The joint measure committee of the trade unions in the public field comprising of the industrial trade unions of the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Trade Unions of south Korea held a meeting in Seoul on June 18 in protest against the puppet authorities' misrule against the workers.

It was attended by more than 100,000 members of the confederation and the federation.

At the meeting speakers accused the authorities of carrying out the reform of public institutions to expand the introduction of the system for paying wages according piece rate.

They chided the regime for imposing the introduction of the above-said system for enforcing the system of forcible retirement aimed at dismissing workers at random after labeling them "workers with poor piece rate." They also slammed it for shifting the blame for the failure of the financial enterprises onto the people and workers.

They warned the authorities that 400,000 workers would call a general strike unless they would give up the above-said illegal actions.

At the end of the meeting its participants marched as far as the building of the puppet National Assembly, strongly demanding the immediate repeal of the above-said system and probe into the truth about management crisis in the shipbuilding and shipping business, punishment of the arch criminal, etc.

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