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New Salt Production Method Established in DPRK
Pyongyang, June 14 (KCNA) -- A method of producing salt from underground ultra-saline water has been established at salterns in the west coastal area of the DPRK.

The Kwisong Saltern began its salt production with this method last year and turned out more than 7 000 tons of salt in over 150 hectares of fields between early March and mid-May this year.

The Yonbaek Saltern changed all its production processes into those producing salt from underground ultra-saline water, increasing the salt production two to five times.

Such successes are also reported from other salterns in the country, which has rich underground ultra-saline water resources of high economic value.

The salt from underground ultra-saline water contains more potassium and iodine than that from seawater.

Since 2008 a work has been successfully done to secure promising deposits of underground ultra-saline water and drill for them at Kwisong, Namyang and Yonbaek salterns and Kwangmyongsong Saltern in the east coastal area of the country.

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