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S. Korean Authorities' Abduction of DPRK Citizens Censured in Peru and Nigeria
Pyongyang, June 14 (KCNA) -- A Peruvian organization and a Nigerian figure vehemently denounced the south Korean puppet group for committing the thrice-cursed allurement and abduction of citizens of the DPRK.

The Peru-Korea Institute of Culture and Friendship said in a statement on June 8:

We bitterly condemn the south Korean puppet forces for alluring and abducting women citizens of the DPRK to south Korea.

The above-said citizens were abducted by the south Korean authorities, but they are claiming that the citizens "made a group defection from the north".

Why don't the south Korean authorities persistently turn down the request of the parents of the abductees to meet their daughters if this were true?

We demand the south Korean authorities take a necessary measure to let the abductees reunite their parents at the earliest possible date as requested by them.

Ibrahim Mantu, member of the Credit Committee of the People's Democratic Party of Nigeria, made public a statement on June 9.

The statement said:

As already reported, the south Korean puppet group hurled gangsters of the Intelligence Service into a hideous operation for luring and abducting a group of women employees of the DPRK in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China to south Korea in broad daylight early in April.

This was a hideous criminal act against the DPRK and the most cruel human rights abuse in the world.

The south Korean authorities should apologize to the DPRK for their thrice-cursed inhumane act and send back all the women of the DPRK without delay so that they may reunite their parents.

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