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S. Korean Authorities' Unethical Act Denounced by Nigerian Political Figure
Pyongyang, June 14 (KCNA) -- Damian Ogbonna, national chairman of the People's Progressive Party of Nigeria, issued a statement on June 8.

The statement said:

The south Korean authorities' allurement and abduction of the DPRK's citizens are a crucial provocation against the DPRK and the worst human rights abuse.

Such acts which instigate confrontation between fellow countrymen are driving the situation on the Korean peninsula which has become the acutest area in the world to more serious phase.

These are a raw show of the south Korean authorities' anti-national act to chill the DPRK's efforts for detente and national reunification and ignite a war in collusion with outsiders.

The People's Progressive Party of Nigeria strongly accuses the south Korean authorities of their unethical crime against the DPRK's citizens.

The south Korean authorities should immediately send the DPRK's citizens back home.

They would be well advised to do things helpful to detente on the Korean peninsula.

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