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Japanese Reactionaries Should Withdraw "Security Legislation" as Demanded by People: Minju Joson
Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) -- Recently a Japanese civic organization submitted a list of 12 million signatures opposing the "security legislation" to the Diet.

Minju Joson Wednesday says in a commentary in this regard:

A series of laws concerning politics were adopted in Japan, but there has never been such a law as the "security legislation" which was strongly opposed at home and abroad during the Diet discussion and even at this time when it came into force after its formal adoption.

This clearly shows the dangerous and reactionary nature of the "security legislation" which passed through the Diet.

What matters is why the Japanese reactionaries are so persistently insisting on the "security legislation" despite strong opposition inside and outside Japan.

This is because the Japanese reactionaries keen on overseas expansion regard the law as a vital one for them.

In the final analysis, through the "security legislation" Japan legally provided the possibility of igniting a war of aggression anywhere in the world.

That is why the international community is becoming vocal critical of the "security legislation" and voices condemning this law are growing stronger in Japan with the passage of time.

Broad strata of Japanese people, in particular, are strongly opposed to this law, deeply concerned about the consequences to be entailed by the implementation of the scenario for overseas aggression.

Through history the Japanese people clearly learned the truth that a war would bring them disgrace and ruin only.

The Japanese reactionary ruling quarters should immediately withdraw the "security legislation", the war law, as demanded by the people, well aware that a war against other country and nation would bring them nothing but ruin.

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