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S. Koreans Urge Obama to Apologize to Korean Victims of A-bomb Disasters
Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- The People for Achieving Peace and Reunification and other civic and social bodies of south Korea held a press conference outside the U.S. embassy in Seoul on May 26 as regards Obama's junket to Hiroshima.

Speakers there recalled that a lot of Koreans, who had been taken to Japan due to conscriptions and labor drafting by the Japanese imperialists, fell victim to A-bombs dropped by the U.S.

Obama's reckless remarks at an interview that he has no will to apologize to victims reveal his intention to help Japan clear its disgrace as a war criminal state and justify its militarist traces, far from making a sincere reflection on the A-bombs dropping, they said, adding:

Obama should make an apology to the Korean victims of A-bomb disasters without fail.

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