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Danggui, Traditional Korean Medicinal Herb
Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- Danggui (Angelica gigas), a traditional medicinal herb, helps produce blood, enhance circulation of blood, reduce inflammation and prevent damages from radiation.

According to Pak Hak Il, a section chief of the Radioactive Rays Medicine Institute under the Academy of Medical Science, danggui, a perennial of parsley family, has been considered from long ago to be efficacious for debility, chronic consumption, women's disease and other diseases.

Now the medicines made of danggui are believed in many countries to be essential ones for human health.

The institute has recently developed haematic compound drug with ferulic acid, an ingredient of danggui, as material and confirmed its medicinal effect.

The drug helps activate haematic function of the people who are affected by electromagnetic waves and radioactive rays.

The drug also improves immunity after surgical operation and childbirth and is good for nervous breakdown.

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