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DPRK Agricultural Workers Determined to Implement WPK Congress Decision
Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- Upon hearing the news that Marshal Kim Jong Un was elected as chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), the agricultural officials and workers in the DPRK are turning out in the drive to implement the decision of the 7th WPK Congress to the letter.

Ri Yong Gu, department director of the Ministry of Agriculture, told KCNA:

Responsible for the country's granary, we will devote all our wisdom and energies to solving the food problem under the guidance of the WPK.

We, officials, will always stand in the van of the drive for increased grain production, mindful that the people's wellbeing depends on our efforts and their happy life will give pleasure to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Kim Yong Sik, chief engineer of the Chongsan Co-op Farm in Kangso District, Nampho City, said:

All the peasants of the farm have a strong will to thoroughly implement the Socialist Rural Theses and the WPK's policy on agricultural revolution, the key to solving the food and agricultural problems, as instructed by the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

We will finish the rice transplantation and maize planting in the right time as required by the Juche method of farming and attain the goals of grain and vegetable production for this year under any circumstances.

Ri Pok Myong, head of a workteam of the Jangchon Vegetable Co-op Farm in Sadong District, Pyongyang, said:

Under the loving care of the Party, our farm turned into a model unit of socialist rural culture.

To repay it with increased agricultural production, we will bring about a radical turn in scientific farming.

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