May 5. 2016 Juche 105
Greetings to Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of South Sudan
CPRK Secretariat Ridicules Park Geun Hye's Recent Remark about "Unification of Social Systems"
DPRK Trade Unions Send Affirmative Reply to S. Korean Trade Unions' Proposal for Joint Football Games
Home-visiting Groups of Chongryon Leave
IIJI Delegation Here
Tribute Paid to Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il
Participants in WPK Seventh Congress Visit Mangyongdae
Floral Baskets to Statues of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il from IIJI and Japanese Organization
Gift to Kim Jong Un from IIJI
Event "International Academic Exchange for Peace and Development" Held
Association for Restoration of Fatherland
Scientific Achievements Made in DPRK
Strong Low Pressure Hit DPRK
Korean-style Socialism Is Ever-victorious: Rodong Sinmun
U.S. "Strategic Patience" Policy towards DPRK Has Gone Bankrupt: Rodong Sinmun
Suicide Case Occurs in S. Korean Puppet Army
Protest Actions against U.S. Embassy Unabated in S. Korea
S. Korean Body Exposes Danger of "Anti-Terrorism Law"
S. Korean Inhabitants Praise Peerlessly Great Men of Mt. Paektu
Certificates of Exploits to Great Men of Mt. Paektu from Bangladeshi Party
Seminars for Celebrating WPK Seventh Congress Held Abroad
Meetings for Congratulating WPK Seventh Congress Held Abroad
Socialist Korea Will Be Ever-Victorious Thanks to WPK: Brazilian Organization
WPK Will Achieve Brilliant Successes: Thai Figure
Nigerian Body Denounces U.S. and Its Followers for Their Moves against DPRK
Bangladeshi Body Blasts Japanese Authorities for Suppressing Chongryon
French Organization Protests against UNSC
British Political Party, Organizations Release Press Statements

For Spanish-speaking People
Ilusion vana de Park Geun-hye sera punal para cortarle vida, advierte CRPP
Entidades extranjeras envian cestos de flores ante estatuas de Kim Il Sung y Kim Jong Il
Tiene lugar acto "Intercambio Academico Internacional por Paz y el Desarrollo"
Caen muchas lluvias en RPDC

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