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Pigo, World's First Glider Invented by Korean Nation
Pyongyang, April 9 (KCNA) -- Among the Korean nation's cultural heritages is Pigo (flying vehicle) which can be claimed to be the world's first glider.

The glider was invented for military communications in the early days of the Imjin Patriotic War (1592-1598) by Yun Tal Gyu, a resident in Jonju area of southern Korea.

According to a history book written by Ri Kyu Gyong, a realist scholar in the mid-19th century, this flying vehicle was used to carry a communications man 12 kilometers in October 1592 when Jinju Castle in Kyongsang Province of the country was surrounded by the Japanese invaders.

The eagle-shaped glider consisted of wings, four seats, blower, air bag, control rope, wheels. It was written that this glider could fly 300 meters from a high peak or castle with help of wind and wings' operation.

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