April 25. 2016 Juche 105
Ryanggang, Kangwon and South Hwanghae Provincial Conferences of WPK Take Place
WPK Conferences of Cabinet, KPISF, Ministries of Railways and Culture Take Place
Lao Delegation Arrives
Floral Tribute Paid to DPRK Martyrs by Military Attaches Corps Here
Floral Baskets to Kim Jong Un from Foreign Organization, Figures
Floral Baskets Laid before Statues of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il
Floral Tribute Paid to Statues of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il
Wreathes Laid before Cemeteries across Country
KPA Song and Dance Ensemble Celebrate Army Day
People's Delegations Visit KPA Units
Dancing Parties of Youth and Students Held
Performance Given by Magicians
Kim Il Sung's Feats for Bolstering DPRK's Defence Capability
KPA, Creator of People's Wealth
Rodong Sinmun on Revolutionary Spirit of Paektu, Spirit of Blizzards of Paektu
Grit and Pluck of Illustrious Commander of Paektu Represent Might and Victory of DPRK: Rodong Sinmun
Minju Joson Ridicules Anti-DPRK Confab of Hostile Forces
Newspapers Praise Feats Performed by Peerlessly Great Persons of Mt. Paektu in Building Army
DPRK People Enraged at S. Korean Regime's Terrorism
Picture Album "Land of Morning Calm" Published by Korean in Russia
Day of Sun Marked Abroad
Day of Sun Marked at DPRK Missions Abroad
Kim Jong Un's Work Introduced by Uruguayan Radio
Romanian Preparatory Committee for Celebrating 7th Congress of WPK Formed
Venezuelan Preparatory Committee for 2017 Meeting Praising Great Persons of Mt. Paektu Formed
Venezuelan, Peruvian Figures Show Reverence for Kim Il Sung
Russian Newspapers Praise Kim Il Sung and WPK
Swiss Organizations Slam Japan's Hostility towards Koreans
Foreign Media Praise KPA's Tradition of Devotedly Defending Leader

For Spanish-speaking People
RPDC cumplira con su responsabilidad y papel para preservacion de ambiente terrestre
Efectuadas conferencias provinciales de PTC en Ryanggang, Kangwon y Hwanghae del Sur
Conferencias de PTC en Consejo de Ministros, ESIPC y ministerios de Ferrocarril y Cultura
Minju Joson critica complots de las fuerzas hostiles contra la RPDC

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