April 1. 2016 Juche 105
Kim Jong Un Visits Sinhung Machine Plant
Congratulatory Message to Niger President
Congratulations to President of Myanmar
DPRK Red Cross Society Blames Park Geun Hye for Failure of Holding Reunions of Separated Families and Relatives
Commendations to Contributors to Successful Power Station Project
New School Year Begins in DPRK
New School Year Begins at Korean Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities
New School Year Begins in DPRK
Excavation of Site of Royal Palace of Koryo Dynasty Makes Successful Progress
Mangyongdae Prize Sports Games Open
"Collection of Kim Il Sung's Anecdotes" Vol. 9 Published in DPRK
Partiality of Present International Political Order Disclosed
U.S. and S. Korean Warmongers Had Better Stop Nuclear Saber-rattling against DPRK: KCNA Commentary
Just Preemptive Attack Is DPRK's Mode of Counteraction: Rodong Siunmun
Rodong Sinmun Calls upon Youth to Work Miracles in 70-Day Campaign
Rodong Sinmun on WPK's Line of Simultaneously Developing Two Fronts
S. Korean Authorities' Crackdown upon Action against Construction of Naval Base on Jeju Island Slammed
S. Korean Body Demands Stop to Military Cooperation with Japan
Preparatory Committee for 2017 Meeting Praising Great Persons of Mt. Paektu Formed in Egypt
Personage of Kyrgyzstan Backs DPRK's Special Statement
Punishment of Park Geun Hye Group of Traitors Urged by Koreans in Germany
British Organizations Urge Park Geun Hye to Respond to Ultimatum of DPRK Army
Peruvian Newspaper Praises Kim Jong Il
WPK Praised by Nigerian Body
Day of Sun to Be Marked in Libya
Kim Jong Un's Work Published in Ethiopia

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un recorre Fabrica de Maquinas de Sinhung
Kim Yong Nam envia mensaje de felicitacion a Htin Kyaw
Kim Yong Nam felicita a reelecto presidente de Niger
Impedimento de encuentro de familiares se debe a Park Geun-hye, senala ACR
Comentarista de IAPIC revela parcialidad de actual orden politico mundial
ACNC aboga por desmantelar campana de guerra nuclear en Peninsula Coreana

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