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Sci-Tech Achievements Made in DPRK
Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- The State Academy of Sciences in the DPRK has accomplished 10 projects in a little more than one month after the start of the 70-day campaign.

Among them are an axial snow blower with low noise, which can be used under any circumstances, and different kinds of ultra-modern analyzers.

The academy established a process of concentrating magnesite on the basis of optical sorter at the Ryongyang Mine and fully restored the reactive power compensation system at the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex.

And it set up a process of producing powder of Grifola frondosa, a food addictive for raising the survival rate of fries up to nearly 100 percent and weight of catfish 1.4 times, at the Pyongyang Catfish Farm.

Researchers of the academy also developed a mobile wrestling adjudicator and an electronic refereeing device for weightlifting.

Meanwhile, scores of research projects are pushed forward at 70 percent stage.

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