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U.S. Is Worst Human Rights Abuser: Minju Joson
Pyongyang, March 15 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, a civic organization of the U.S. said in an annual report that the ultra-right criminal organizations in the U.S. mainland numbered more than 890 last year.

In case of the Ku Klux Klan which earned an ill-fame for advocating extreme racism, it has 190 branches which increased more than two times from 72 branches in 2014.

Meanwhile, a policeman fired at 16-year-old boy, wounding him in Salt Lake City, Utah State in February. A man made shooting spree against his colleagues, killing three of them and wounding 14 others in Kansas State.

Minju Joson on Tuesday observes in a commentary in this connection:

These just a few examples brought to light once again the true colors of the U.S. society, the worst human rights abuser.

The U.S. has had the human rights abuse as its DNA since its appearance as it rose like a poisonous mushroom from the dead bodies of Indians.

Such a country is, however, styling itself "a model in human rights performance." It is interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and resorting to high-handed and arbitrary practices, behaving like "a human rights judge" in the international arena.

This cannot but be another form of human rights abuse.

No matter what flowery words the U.S. may use to conceal its dunghill, it can never dispose of its foul smell. With no rhetoric can it deny its serious human rights abuses.

The U.S. is not entitled to take issue with human rights issues of other countries but deserves a stern punishment by the international community for its crimes committed so far.

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