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Victims of Sexual Slavery Urge Japanese Authorities to Make Apology and Reparation
Pyongyang, March 13 (KCNA) -- Victims of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army are staging actions in the U.S., demanding the Japanese government make an official apology and reparation for the past crimes, according to Yonhap News of south Korea.

At a press conference outside the building of the New York City Office on March 8 south Korean woman Ri Yong Su said that she can never accept the "agreement" reached between Japan and south Korea, declaring it null and void.

The victims have waged actions to force Japan to make official apology and reparation over the past two decades but Japan still denies them, she deplored.

At a press conference at the UN Headquarters in New York she recalled how she was subject to all kinds of shame after being taken as a sexual slave for the Imperial Japanese Army.

Kil Won Ok, another victim of sexual slavery, at a press conference held in Washington on the same day said that the south Korean and Japanese authorities made an "agreement" without consultation with the living victims. She held that the victims cannot accept it.

Yun Mi Hyang, permanent representative of the Council for the Solution of the Issue of the Volunteers Corps in south Korea, stressed that the issue of sexual slavery can be said to have been solved only when the victims accept what has been done as an expression of apology and reparation.

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