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International Women's Day Marked in DPRK
Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) -- The women in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea significantly enjoy the March 8 International Women's Day.

In this regard, Chae Chun Hui, vice-chairwoman of the Central Committee of the Democratic Women's Union of Korea, told KCNA:

The Korean women have grown up to be a reliable force pushing one of the two wheels of the revolutionary chariot, under the care of the great leaders.

President Kim Il Sung paid deep attention to the women's movement in each period of the revolution, and under his warm care, the women had performed great feats in the efforts for the nation's prosperity.

The Korean women's movement greeted its heyday under the guidance of leader Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il defined the character of the Korean women's movement and clearly indicated the orientation and ways for finally settling the women's issue, energetically leading the work to do so.

Even in the last days of his life, he worked heart and soul to develop the women's union into a powerful organization in the Songun (military-first) era, showing warm care for women of various strata, including the wives of servicepersons.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un saw to it that the 4th National Meeting of Mothers was convened on the occasion of the first Mother's Day (November 16, 2012). He also appreciated together with women a concert given in celebration of the International Women's Day.

On his initiative, such edifices for the interest of women were built across the country as workers' hostel of Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Textile Mill, Breast Tumour Institute of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital and Okryu Children's Hospital.

It is a good luck and greatest happiness for us, women, to have had the great leaders who take loving care of our destiny and future.

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