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Protest Actions Staged outside U.S., S. Korean Embassies in Tokyo in Japan
Tokyo, March 7 (KNS-KCNA) -- Officials of the Korean Youth League in Japan staged actions outside the U.S. and south Korean puppet embassies in Tokyo in protest against the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 16 joint military exercises kicked off by the U.S. and the Park Geun Hye group of traitors on March 7.

After holding a rally condemning the drills, the officials of the youth league adopted a written protest and formed a protest group of Koreans in Japan.

Then they staged a protest action against the U.S embassy.

They thrust a written protest to the embassy before marching toward the south Korean puppet embassy.

The representatives of the protest group thrust a written protest to the embassy, bitterly condemning Park Geun Hye, confrontational maniac and traitor for all ages, for trying to bring a nuclear disaster to the Korean nation.

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