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DPRK Praised by UK Organization
Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) -- The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy recently posted on its website special write-ups illustrated with a photo of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Recalling the DPRK succeeded in its first H-bomb test, an article titled "Strength of DPRK" said that the stirring event clearly showed the spirit, pluck and strength of the DPRK and was a solemn declaration of the great Paektusan nation that no one in the world can match the DPRK.

It went on:

The days have gone never to return when the U.S. imperialists threatened the use of nuclear weapons against the DPRK.

When flags of surrender were presented to the U.S. imperialists in different parts of the world, the DPRK dealt with them, the chief architect of illegal and outrageous acts, by dint of its strong arms, and has emerged as the strongest nuclear weapons state with H-bombs.

Another article titled "Stand of national independence is a fundamental way of achieving Korea's reunification" was posted on the website.

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