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Miserable Human Rights Situation in U.S. and Western Countries Disclosed (3)
Pyongyang, February 29 (KCNA) -- The DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies in an indictment on Feb. 23 disclosed that the U.S. and the western countries are wantonly violating the rights of refugees after causing the worst refugee crisis.

The number of refugees went beyond 60 million in the world according to the recent data available from the UN, the indictment said, adding: This refugee crisis is the inevitable product of the U.S. and the West's policy of interference for domination and hegemony.

It is the trite method of the U.S. and western countries to interfere in the social and political issues of the developing countries to aggravate antagonism and contradiction among nations and tribes and get craftily involved in disputes and escalate them.

U.S. tentacles were stretched to such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen, destroying everything and reducing many war-torn countries to the states flooded with refugees.

The "anti-terrorism war" launched by the U.S. by taking advantage of the September 11 incident is state-sponsored terrorism against sovereign states and a war of aggression of new version.

Air strikes against Syria being made by the U.S. and the West under the pretext of "anti-terrorism war" are producing an unprecedented number of refugees.

Syria is now in the grip of the world's worst crisis and 4 million Syrians are on the way for taking shelters.

The U.S. is making air raids on Syria with neither approval nor request.

Ceaseless war caused by "Arab spring" engineered by the U.S. and the West is turning the regional countries into ruins and their inhabitants are wandering in quest of means of living.

The refugee issue spawned by the U.S. and western countries is the human rights abuse and, therefore, it is their responsibility and duty under international law to settle the issue of refugees and guarantee their rights.

However, the U.S. and the West are evading their responsibility and wantonly violating the rights of refugees.

The U.S., chief architect of the crisis, remains a passive onlooker to it, claiming that the world should share the responsibility for it though Europe was embroiled in it for having toed the U.S. policy.

Even the European countries which had created good impression by receiving refugees in the early period of the crisis are taking such measures one after another as preventing refugees from entering their countries and maltreating and expelling those already entered under the pretexts of social unrest and factor of terrorism.

Germany, Austria, France and many other countries, in a bid to block the influx of refugees, reintroduced 6 months-long border security control system. It was followed by the decision of EU to extend the border control period in countries of Schengen area to 2 years and create "EU Border Coast Guards" involving 1,500 troops.

Sweden announced that it would expel over 100,000 refugees, 45 percent of them, Finland 20,000 and Austria 50,000 under various pretexts.

Switzerland took a measure to seize cash more than 1,000 Fr and valuables from refugees and give receipts instead. Following its example, Denmark adopted a bill on confiscating their properties.

Public demos protesting governments' refugee policy are going on in Germany and Britain day after day. Hundreds of demonstrators are staging protest demos in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, causing social chaos.

When France, Germany and other west European countries suggested "proportional share" of refugees as a stopgap measure, east European countries are rejecting it as an unfair one.

A large chunk of refugees are drowning while traveling to Europe.

Even those refugees who could barely land in Europe are subject to unbearable misfortune and pain due to the intentional and undisguised human rights abuses by the European countries styling themselves "human rights champions".

Britain is preparing a bill designed to tighten security control in such places where refugees may work as construction sites and private home cleaning companies and to fine organs and individuals that employed refugees and even sentence them to two years in prison.

More than 200 fire cases against refugees occurred in Germany and 70 odd dead refugees were found at an abandoned refrigerator car on an express highway of Austria in 2015.

According to a recent survey quoted by the European Police Organization, more than 10,000 children among incoming refugees were missing in European countries, most of whom fell victim to flesh trafficking and slave trade.

The British newspaper Independent on Dec. 17, 2015 recalled that 1,500 Kosovo people and 800 Iraqi and Afghanistan refugees, who had immigrated to Austria, expressed while going back home unbearable anger at bitter humiliation and treatment as "terrorists" there.

Now human rights abuses in the U.S. and other western countries are being committed institutionally due to policies of their governments and this matter can be settled only when a genuine human rights mechanism is built in those countries.

The U.S. and other western countries should no longer find fault with others' human rights performance, describing themselves as "icons of defending human rights", but focus on minding their own business.

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