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Rodong Sinmun Calls for Firmly Adhering to Independent Stand
Pyongyang, February 29 (KCNA) -- Imperialists' aggression and war and their policies of domination and subjugation persist and many countries fall victim to them. This reality requires countries and nations to firmly adhere to an independent stand in carving out their destinies. Rodong Sinmun Monday says this in an article.

It goes on:

In a word the independent stand means the spirit and trait of firmly maintaining and projecting the independent principle. It is based on the revolutionary faith and will and has grown stronger thanks to strong faith and will.

Only when one carries on the struggle with strong faith and will, is it possible to establish the independent principle of standing unfazed in face of any move.

In order to decisively defeat the imperialist forces desperately coming in attack, it is necessary to have strong fighting spirit of overcoming any difficulty and blockade, courage and pluck that there is always a way out.

One should make a bold decision and dynamically put it into practice if the one thinks that one's cause is just and it is for the sake of the country and the nation, not wavering or reading others' faces no matter what they may say.

Countries, though small and weak, should channel primary efforts into bolstering up their military muscle. Only then can they successfully establish the independent stand and successfully carry out revolution and construction.

Without strengthening the independence of national economy it is absolutely impossible to take an independent road.

United efforts are a driving force to overcome any difficulty and give full play to inexhaustible efforts and a sure guarantee for winning all victories.

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