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Day of Shining Star Celebrated DPRK Missions Abroad
Pyongyang, February 29 (KCNA) -- Receptions, photo and book exhibitions and film shows took place in the DPRK missions in Khabarovsk of Russia, Iran, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, UK, Austria, Italy, Poland, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia and Peru, and the DPRK permanent mission to the UN Office and international organizations in Geneva between Feb 11 and 16 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il (the Day of the Shining Star).

Displayed in the venues of the events were photos dealing with immortal feats of President Kim Il Sung, leader Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Displayed there were their works, and books and photos introducing the struggle of the army and people of the DPRK.

A vice prime minister of the Khabarovsk Territorial Government of Russia praised Kim Jong Il as the great politician who made immortal contribution to strengthening the country's military capability and developing the economy and the traditional Russia-DPRK friendly relations.

A vice minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran noted that the Iranian people supported the Korean people in their just struggle to independently realize the country's reunification without outside forces' interference.

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate of Pakistan said that Kim Jong Il was the great leader who turned the DPRK into a powerful country and devoted his whole life to the people.

The minister of Information of Bangladesh said that the DPRK has steadily developed despite the imperialists' challenges and moves to stifle it under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un who is successfully carrying forward the idea and cause of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

The general secretary of the C.C., the New Communist Party of Britain and the vice-chairman and concurrently international secretary of the C.C., the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) praised Kim Jong Il's whole life as the one of the gifted thinker and theoretician and peerless statesman who turned the DPRK into a political and ideological power and military power.

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