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DPRK Historian Derides Park Geun Hye as Modern-day Don Quixote
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Historian of the Academy of Social Sciences Ri Kun Chan issued an article titled "Modern-day Don Quixote carrying a dagger in skirt belt".

The article said:

Recently lady of Chongwadae Park Geun Hye is going by another infamous name modern-day Don Quixote.

She exactly resembles Don Quixote in the light of her outward appearance, to say nothing of her acts.

The only difference, if any, is gender but Park far surpasses Don in her actual behavior, the article said, revealing her crimes during the past three years in office.

Park regarding hostility as "confidence" and confrontation as "principle" talked about "improvement" of inter-Korean relations while deteriorating them and has desperately worked hard to keep the nation divided into two forever. Yet, she goes mischievous, allegedly claiming "curing" tragedy of the national division.

Outwardly she upholds a slogan calling for improving north-south ties and settling the issue of nation's reunification but in fact she crisscrosses alien countries only to beg for "international cooperation" aimed at escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north.

Not content with crying out for confrontation with fellow countrymen, she wielded a dagger to brand the Kaesong Industrial Zone as a financial source for nuclear and satellite development.

She reeled off vituperations slandering the fair and aboveboard proposals made by the DPRK one after another for the improvement of the north-south relations, talking about "camouflaged peace offensive", "foreign propaganda" and "something for conflict among southerners".

She often strutted about the areas along the Military Demarcation Line in combat fatigues unbecoming to her skinny body where she shouted "Let's achieve unification under liberal democracy at the cost of lives!" and called for "stern punishment".

She has turned south Korea into an outpost for a war against the north and a hotbed for a nuclear war by unhesitatingly introducing all types of nuclear war means of her American master. Yet, she claimed that "security crisis in the Korean Peninsula comes from the north" and is staging ceaseless nuclear war exercises. She, however, is misleading the public opinion, asserting that the north is chiefly to blame for "threat" and "provocations."

The desperate efforts of Park to provoke the DPRK which has joined the advanced ranks of world nuclear powers by having access to even H-bomb reminds one of Don Quixote dashing toward the big windmill risking his life.

The crimes she has committed by depriving the nation of its precious gain and pushing the inter-Korean relations to nightmare with a sharp dagger for escalating the confrontation deserve severe punishment, the author concluded.

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