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Trouble-maker Park Geun Hye Should Be Consigned to Dustbin of History
Pyongyang, February 20 (KCNA) -- The DPRK's successes in H-bomb test and in the launch of satellite Kwangmyongsong-4 startled our planet.

This breaking news greatly excited the world progressives.

But only Park Geun Hye behaved quite contrary to this. Writhing and wriggling, she sits up all night, spouting rubbish, invectives and vituperation.

Every Korean can neither pardon nor overlook her disgusting behavior which amounts to nothing but shame and tragedy of the nation.

The following is the mindset of angry public.

The breaking news of the DPRK's successful H-bomb test was like a bolt from the blue to Park. Being shocked, she ran helter-skelter straight to the underground commanding post of Chongwadae. At the crisis control room she together with her yes-men went busy, convening an emergency "state security meeting" and taking necessary countermeasures.

Irony was that Park and her group chose the resumption of anti-DPRK psychological broadcasting along the Military Demarcation Line as a "unique option", taking it as the "most effective means" and the "sore point of the north".

So wretched is Park as she could find no other option but the broadcasting spouting the venom of ailing capitalist society, scared by the news of the H-bomb test. Park's response to the detonation of H-bomb was just the broadcasting little short of a dog's barking and the scattering of leaflets little short of waste papers. She quite deserves to be called a rabid dog of Chongwadae unable to discern where to go.

Once Park opened her mouth, she opened her "Pandora box" of all kinds of invectives and rubbish against the fellow countrymen only to invite hatred and curse. The same thing she uttered about nuclear weapons of the north.

Wherever she toured Western European countries and in the U.S. and neighboring countries she reeled off a litany of rhetoric against "nuclear weapons" of the north, stunning the world.

She can not but be called a senile granny as she termed the H-bomb which should be handed down through generations as an eternal treasure common to the nation "serious and crucial threats" and "extreme contingency". Besides what she had done before, there are ample reasons to accuse her that way as she strained every nerve to slander the fellow countrymen whether they are in the north and the south or abroad after scarcely getting admitted to Chongwadae by dint of political swindling.

The Korean nation who has already been suffering from the tragic division is now undergoing more unbearable misfortune and shame due to Park.

She reminds one of the yusin dictator just as the saying "a chip off the old block" goes. Nowadays a flurry of slanders, notably an "old woman who would slap her father in the face", is being heard from south Koreans from all walks of life.

Traitor Park Chung Hee put into the shade traitor Syngman Rhee who giggled with satisfaction after offering two million sacks of rice to his American master in return for getting weaponry to be used against the fellow countrymen in the north.

The matchless traitor steeped in flunkeyism and worship of America to the marrow of his bones dared not press for the introduction of nuclear weapons of the U.S. for fear of public protest and only introduced them in top secrecy in mid-night like an alley cat. But Park Geun Hye not only openly introduced her American master's nuclear strike means but is now working desperately to keep its forces in south Korea for an indefinite period.

Park is no more than a modern-day traitor worse than the five traitors of 1905 as she is steeped in sycophancy towards Japan, while kowtowing to the Japs, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation.

She held negotiations with militarist serpent Japanese reactionaries keen on reinvasion in Seoul in broad daylight and glossed over the hideous crimes related to the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army, thrice-cursed crimes.

Not content with this, she went so humiliating as to agree to dismantle the statue of a girl sexual slave outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul.

Out of her vaulting ambition for the permanent split of the Korean nation, not just the territorial division, Park, far surpassing her father who divided the land into two parts, resumed anti-DPRK loudspeaker broadcasting and leaflet-scattering operations, thereby fostering distrust and hostility and fuelling stand-off and war.

Park's mode of existence is one of slapping without mercy even her father in the face if he stands in her way of maintaining power and prolonging her remaining days.

The column of reddish yellow blaze left by satellite Kwangmyongsong-4 when soaring into space in the wake of the blast that meant the success in the H-bomb test made Park go reckless like a rabid dog with its tail set ablaze.

So she had a confab with a number of guys only to make a proposal of restricting the number of south Koreans working in the Kaesong Industrial Zone to 500. As this did not work OK, she came up with the thrice-cursed idea of the "total suspension" of the Zone, a precious product of the June 15 era and symbol of hope that alleviates the pain of the nation resulting from division.

The Korean nation has witnessed the national reconciliation and north-south relations of unity and pictured reunified Korea in the operation of the Zone.

She threw the Zone into the graveyard without hesitation, committing hideous crimes.

Yet, she claimed the "total suspension" of the Zone is "pain" and "dear price" faced by the DPRK for the nuclear test and satellite launch.

This only proves herself to be the worst imbecile and idiot unable to count even simple numbers. Let's cite those simple numbers. In just ten years of the operation of the Zone the south side's enterprises turned out 2.3 billion U.S. dollars worth products and their net economic profits stood at 3.26 billion U.S. dollars.

The shutdown of the Zone will bring tremendous damages to the south Korean economy as a whole, not only 124 enterprises and more than 6 000 enterprises involved. Direct and indirect losses will reach astronomical figures.

Park was so ridiculous as to calculate that the cutting off of what she called the "financial resources of the north" through the Zone would prevent the DPRK from making nuclear development and building a space power.

Park has to clearly understand that the DPRK's far-sighted measures for building nuclear deterrence started much earlier than the appearance of the Zone.

The same is true of the space development for peaceful purposes pushed forward by the DPRK.

Park has faced angry voices of criticism by the south Korean public that "dear price" the north was forced to pay was just "word balloon" and "self-venting of anger" and her acts only resulted in "pushing the people to brinkmanship" just like a "suicidal act".

All reckless acts perpetrated by Park are hideous sycophantic and traitorous crimes going against the times.

The day when Park's dirty body will be thrown into the dumping ground of the nation is not a long way off.

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