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Dancing Parties of Youth, Students Held
Pyongyang, February 16 (KCNA) -- Dancing parties of youth and students were held the DPRK on Feb. 16, the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il.

Dancing parties started with songs "We Will Hold Our General in High Esteem" and "People's Country" at the plazas of the Monument to Party Founding, the Arch of Triumph and the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium and other places of the capital.

The dancers danced to the tune of songs in reflection of the reverence for Kim Jong Il.

They danced to the tune of songs "Victory Will Be Won Generation after Generation" and "Joy of the People", convinced that only victory and glory are in store for the great Paektusan nation as it is holding Marshal Kim Jong Un as the helm of the Workers' Party of Korea and the Korean revolution.

The dancing parties took place in provincial seats, cities and counties on the same day.

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