calendar>>February 8. 2016 Juche 105
S. Korean Conservative Group Accused of Justifying Humiliating Act
Pyongyang, February 8 (KCNA) -- The Solidarity for Progress in south Korea issued a statement on Feb. 5 to denounce the conservative authorities for justifying such humiliating act as concealing Japan's past crimes.

The statement recalled that the "government" on Feb. 4 made groundless sophism that it heard the demand of victims as regards the "agreement" on the issue of sexual slavery and most of them positively responded to it.

Far from getting Japan make an apology and reparation for the crimes related to the sexual slavery, the "government" colluded with Japan, yielding to the U.S. to intensify the military alliance for aggression without a discussion with the victims and is now explaining them about the content of the "agreement" and forcing them to accept it, the statement charged.

The present regime should stop the base attempt to make Japan's acts of violating justice and ethics be glossed over with a petty amount of money, it said, adding that the present chief executive should declare the cancellation of the collusion at once and get Japan make an official apology and reparation that have been demanded by the victims for decades.

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