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South Korean Authorities Accused of Pushing forward Retrogressive Revision of Labor Law
Pyongyang, January 26 (KCNA) -- An editorial titled "'Government' treating the workers as second-class citizens" was posted on the south Korean online paper Voice of People on Jan. 25.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor announced the "double guidelines" unfavorable for the workers on Jan. 22, the editorial said, and went on:

The authorities' claim that the general sack guidelines worked out by them were to protect the workers from unreasonable layoff sounded skeptical.

"The labor standards law", which calls for the approval from the trade unions or majority of the workers when the employment regulations are modified to be unfavorable for the workers, has been nullified.

The editorial chided the "government" for deciding in the guidelines on such crucial issues related to the existence of workers.

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