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S. Korean Bodies Declare Humiliating "Agreement" Null and Void
Pyongyang, January 19 (KCNA) -- The Students' Committee for Measures against the south Korea-Japan Negotiations of south Korea and members of the citizens' action for defending statues of a girl depicting the victims of the sexual slavery held a meeting in Seoul on Jan. 16 in denunciation of the humiliating "agreement" which covered the past crimes committed by Japan.

Speakers declared the recent "agreement" totally null and void as it did not reflect the will and demands of the victims of the sexual slavery and lacked Japan's promise to probe the truth and will to make a proper legal apology and reparation for it.

That day they staged the action of signing the declaration calling for the nullification of the south Korea-Japan "agreement" on the sexual slavery.

Prior to this, representatives of more than 200 organizations of young people and children made public a declaration on the situation declaring the humiliating "agreement" null and void.

They demanded the Japanese government retract the deceptive "agreement" and admit its crimes and responsibility for them and make an official apology for them.

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