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New Year Concert Given by Chongbong Band
Pyongyang, January 6 (KCNA) -- New Year concert given by the Chongbong Band of the Wangjaesan Art Troupe dropped its curtain on Jan. 5. Its concert started at the People's Palace of Culture on Jan. 1.

Among the audience were working people, youth and students in Pyongyang and foreigners staying in the DPRK.

Put on the stage were such colorful numbers as female choruses "Our Leader Loved by People" and "Ode to the Motherland" and light music "Arirang of Prosperity".

The artistes truthfully represented the reverence for Marshal Kim Jong Un and the loyal pledge of all service personnel and people to hold him in high esteem in single mind.

Light music "Song of Big Fish Haul" and light music and song "Sea of Apples at Foot of Chol Pass" revved up the mood of the concert.

Light music "Higher and Faster", light music and song "We Will Go to Mt. Paektu" and female chorus "Campfire, Flare Up" encouraged the working people dashing forward toward the building of a thriving nation.

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