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Minju Joson Blasts S. Korean Authorities' Act of Treachery
Pyongyang, January 2 (KCNA) -- As already reported, both south Korea and Japan published that they reached a unanimous agreement on the "issue of 'comfort women' for the Imperial Japanese Army" at the foreign ministers' talks held in Seoul on Dec. 28 last year.

Commenting on this Minju Joson Saturday says that if the issue of the comfort women for the Imperial Japanese Army is to find a final solution, Japan should admit the state and legal responsibility for it and make an official apology and honest reparation for it.

The commentary goes on:

At the recent talks the Japanese foreign minister only conveyed the chief executive's shameful words of "apology and reflection" on the above-said issue and promised to provide a petty amount of fund in aid.

This indicates that the Japanese authorities took this action not from the bottom of their hearts but it was a cynical ploy employed by them as they were hit hard from all sides for their acts of distorting history and falsifying truth.

The south Korean reactionaries are busy building up public opinion that the above-said issue has been fully settled, chiming in with the Japanese reactionaries but their behavior only brings to light their true colors as pro-Japanese lackeys.

What should not be overlooked is the fact that the recent talks were held according to the U.S. scenario to knock into shape a triangular military alliance involving the U.S., Japan and south Korea.

The U.S. is now highly appreciating the talks, "hailing them as a very gratifying event." It is busy prodding its stooges to the formation of the triangular military alliance under the pretext of "nuclear threat from the north". The south Korean authorities are involved in the U.S. moves to bring the dark clouds of a nuclear war to hang over the Korean Peninsula.

All these facts go to prove that the south Korean authorities are group of traitors who are utterly indifferent to the destiny of the nation.

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