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IS Fabrication of Spy Case Denounced in S. Korea
Pyongyang, December 6 (KCNA) -- The "Christian Pastors' Group for Peaceful Action", the Association for Supporting Prisoners of Conscience of the Family Movement for Realizing Democracy, the Solidarity for Progress and other bodies of south Korea held a press conference in Kwanghwamun Square in Seoul on December 1 to denounce the Intelligence Service (IS) for creating terror-ridden atmosphere by cooking up a false spy case, according to the south Korean internet paper Jaju Sibo.

Speakers said that the IS stormed and searched the houses of Revs. Kim Song Yun and Choe Jae Bong and personages of labor circle under the pretext of spy case on November 13.

The search indicates the sinister intent of the security authorities to suppress people of different social standings by linking the November 14 all-out people's action with the north, the speakers said.

They demanded the abolishment of the "Security Law" violating human rights and the disbandment of the IS.

At the end of the press conference participants chanted such slogans as "Abolish Security Law," "Release prisoners of conscience," "Ensure freedom of expression" and "We denounce IS."

Members of civic and social organizations and religionists of south Korea held a meeting outside the IS on the same day in demand of the abolishment of the "Security Law" and disbandment of the IS and declared they would launch a massive action.

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