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Ulsa Five-point Treaty, Fraudulent Document
Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) -- It is 110 years since the Japanese imperialists cooked up the "Ulsa (1905) Five-point Treaty" on November 17, 1905.

The "treaty" was a fraudulent document enforced by force of arms.

At that time Hirobumi Ito, chieftain of Japan's aggression on Korea, deployed the Japanese aggression troops in various parts of Seoul where Korea's Imperial Palace was located. After surrounding the palace with double and triple rings of troops, he dared enter the palace to compel the Emperor Kojong to conclude a "treaty".

When the conclusion of the "treaty" was refused at the palace, the Japanese imperialists enforced it on ministers of the Korean government with use of arms, conducting such impudent act of stamping the then foreign ministry's official seal on the "treaty" by themselves.

That's why in its report submitted to the United Nations General Assembly in 1963 the United Nations Commission on International Law singled the "Ulsa Five-point Treaty" out as one of the four invalid treaties in the world which were concluded by force.

The Italian newspaper Il Manifesto said that the "Ulsa Five-point Treaty" is the most fraudulent document in the world history and Japan is an impudent robber as it cooked up a treaty between countries at its own will, forging a history.

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