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S. Korean Media Slams Justice Minister's Outbursts Insulting just Action of People
Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) -- Voice of People, south Korean internet newspaper, in an editorial on Monday denounced the minister of Justice for his outbursts insulting the just actions of south Koreans from all walks of life.

The editorial accused the minister of threatening to severely punish the participants in the all-out people's action in Seoul held on Nov. 14 after branding it as an "illegal and violent group action."

It also blasted him for not uttering even a word of apology for the undemocratic and inhuman police suppression of the participants in the action.

Even before the start of the rally the police indiscriminately fired tear liquid at the masses, the editorial said, adding:

Had the judicial authorities strictly and fairly enforced law against the unwarranted exercise of power, not against weak and guiltless masses, the all-out people's action would not have taken place.

What the Justice minister uttered was an unconstitutional and undemocratic logic of dictatorship as it was contrary to the freedom of assembly and demonstration.

If the judicial authorities suppress the people under the pretext of the action, it will touch off stronger resistance of the masses, the editorial warned.

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