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S. Korea Is Serious Human Rights Abuser: Minju Joson
Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- The supreme court of south Korea passed the verdict of not guilty to those indicted for spy case of Seoul city public official.

Minju Joson Friday observes in a commentary in this regard:

The verdict given to those involved in the case billed as a serious political and social issue brought to daylight the inhuman and fascist nature of the conservative ruling forces that punish guiltless people on charges of "espionage" in order to meet their political purposes.

What mattered was that the Supreme Court tried to clinch the case by dismissing a few hirelings, not punishing chief culprits who deserve punishment.

The case that broke out two years ago is a farce fabricated by the conservative ruling forces by setting the Intelligence Service in motion.

The IS being upset, went busy, orchestrating the farce of suicide of its agent who worked out false document and an employee who had directly been involved in the fabrication of the case and dismissing inferiors by activating the prosecution. But it could not cover up its crimes. Former IS Director Nam Jae Jun made public an "apology to the people" and the present chief executive also trumpeted about "apology" but it only touched off indignation of the public.

This clearly disclosed the fact that those who manipulated the case behind the scene were the conservative ruling forces that should be brought to justice.

South Korea is a hideous human rights abuser as it forces the people to languish in distress and violates their rights through a host of conspiratorial cases and all kinds of sinister plots.

The south Korean authorities should not peddle someone's "human rights" issue but apologize and repent of its human rights abuses, to begin with.

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