October 14. 2015 Juche 104
Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with Delegates to Celebrations of 70th WPK Birthday
Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with Participants in Military Parade
Congratulations to Belarusian President
Message of Sympathy to Turkish President
Congratulations to Nepali Prime Minister
DPRK Vice Premier Meets Russian Government Delegation
Gift to Kim Jong Un from Russian Minister of Development of Far East
Russian Government Delegation Visits Combined Service Boat Mujigae
Minutes of Talks between Co-Chairmen of DPRK-Russia Inter-governmental Committee Signed
DPRK Ambassador to Singapore Appointed
Event for Marking Close of Year of DPRK-Russia Friendship Held
Greetings to Kim Jong Un from Mexican Party Leader
Indonesian Delegation Arrives
Delegation of URP Leaves URP
Delegations, Delegates of Juche Idea Study Organizations Visit International Friendship Exhibition House
Overseas Koreans, Foreigners Tour Mangyongdae
Anniversary of Central Information and Communications Center Marked
DPRK Team Beats Its Yemeni Rival in Football Match
Grand Art Performance Goes on with Great Success
Walled Township of Kyongsong
South Korea's War Scenario OPLAN 5015 under Fire
Japan's Trite Trick to Dodge International Criticism under Fire by KCNA Commentary
S. Korean Warmongers Plan to Stage Large-scale War Exercises in Forefront Areas
DPRK Photo, Book, Stamp and Fine Art Exhibitions Open in Different Countries
Events Held Abroad to Mark WPK's Birthday
WPK's Birthday Marked in Germany, UK
Spanish Party Leader Calls on All Communist Parties to Learn from Experience of WPK
Ceremony of Unveiling Tablet to Honor Kim Jong Il Held in Russia
Kim Jong Il's Work Published in Spain
Kim Jong Il's Work Introduced in Poland

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un toma fotos con delegados a actos por aniversario 70 de PTC
Kim Jong Un toma fotos con participantes en desfile militar
Tiene lugar acto clausural de ano de amistad Corea-Rusia
Continua en Pyongyang gran funcion artistica de 10 mil personas

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