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Traditional Musical Instruments of Korea Improved
Pyongyang, September 19 (KCNA) -- The 8th Pyongyang Musical Instruments Exhibition recently took place at the Pyongyang International House of Culture.

On display there were a lot of traditional instruments, which have been improved in line with modern aesthetic taste.

Those improved traditional instruments are now winning popularity among musicians and fans as they are better than the existing ones in terms of cultural refinement and tone quality.

According to Director Kim Yong Chol, the National Musical Instrument Institute developed Taehaegum (a big Korean four-string fiddle) into a type of bottle gourd to reinforce its tones, compass and volume.

The improved traditional instruments also include Kayagum (Korean harp), Oungum, Okryugum and Janggu.

The exhibition showed how the traditional instruments have been developed in the country, Ri Chang Gun, manager of the Pyongyang Traditional Musical Instrument Factory, told KCNA. And he expressed his will to strive for further improvement of traditional instruments.

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