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Hideous Crimes Committed by Japanese Imperialists in Past
Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) -- Seventy years has passed since the sinking of "Ukishima-maru", a naval transport ship of the imperial Japanese army, which killed thousands of Koreans who were taken to Japan for forced labor.

The Japanese imperialists blew up the ship on a voyage on August 24, 1945 under the government's plan for genocide of Koreans.

After occupying Korea, Japan had persistently pursued the policy of obliterating the Korean nation and many Koreans were slaughtered during its colonial rule of 40-odd years.

The Japanese imperialist aggressors killed in a cruel way more than 150 000 Korean people from the summer of 1906 to 1911, 30 000 in 1920 and 23 000 in September 1923. In 1940-1944 more than 60 000 Koreans were killed while being forced to work at Japan's coal mines.

However, Japan has not yet made a sincere apology for those hideous crimes, denying and distorting its crime-woven past.

Such attempt fans up the Korean people's enmity toward Japan.

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