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KCNA Commentary Warns S. Korean Conservative Media of Their Anti-DPRK False Propaganda
Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) -- Conservative media in south Korea are busy with false propaganda against the DPRK, adding to their crimes recorded in the national history.

They claimed the DPRK "promulgated a decree on establishing a donation system" and "the society in the north has turned into the one where loyalty can be bought and sold." They asserted this was a "reliable source" from North Hamgyong Province.

They even took issue with the newly built Pyongyang Home for the Aged, saying this or that about "old people selected to live there."

This is a hideous act of tarnishing the image of the dignified DPRK where everything serves its people and an unpardonable insult to their intense loyalty to their leaders.

These are the worst invectives which can be concocted only by hack writers of the reptile media in south Korea where money is everything.

The "decree" touted by them has never been promulgated in the DPRK. It is something unthinkable under its popular policy which sets store by the pure mind and conscience of its people and takes warm care of them.

As far as their loyalty is concerned, it is their spiritual world of conscience and obligation as pure as white gem and as strong as bamboo because they consider their peerlessly great leaders as protectors of their destiny.

Thanks to the leaders who trust such loyalty and the people's power, Korean-style socialism remains indestructible, backed by the people's resolution to dedicate themselves to the leaders and the inviolable DPRK.

It is an inveterate bad habit and mode of existence of the conservative media in south Korea to slander the loyalty of the people in the DPRK and the popular policies enforced in it whenever an opportunity presents itself.

They described the tears shed by the people of the DPRK grieving over the loss of the father of the nation as "forced ones" and painted the Workers' Party of Korea and the state's high commendations of the people who tangibly contributed to the development of the society and country as a "farce for winning popularity."

It is the main job of the reptile media persons to hurl mud at the DPRK from the back room in Jongro District, Seoul.

They prolong their remaining days with a petty amount of money paid by the regime in south Korea where money is everything and spirit and personality are sold for making money. Can they properly understand the loyalty of the people of the DPRK to their leader and the true picture of its society where they are believed in as in heaven?

Such good-for-nothing will never understand the true spiritual world of the people in the DPRK, no matter how much water may flow under the bridge.

The U.S. and the south Korean puppet regime are behind the smear campaign of the thrice-cursed conservative media. They are making the journalists and anchor persons of the media die-hard liars and slaves of mammonism.

Pitiful, indeed, is the plight of the U.S. and the puppet regime which have to kick up a smear campaign against the DPRK by mobilizing even such human scum.

Malignant tongue-lashing of the conservative media is worsening the north-south relations and increasing the danger of a war.

The DPRK will surely force the conservative media such as Channel A and MBC to pay a high price for having dared slander the inviolable political system of the DPRK and loyalty of its people.

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