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Mammoth Rallies, Demonstrations Staged in South Korea
Pyongyang, May 2 (KCNA) -- Large-scale anti-"government" actions of labor circle were staged in south Korea on Friday, May Day.

The Confederation of Trade Unions held a rally at Seoul Square putting up slogan "End to Park Geun Hye".

It was attended by at least 50,000 workers under the confederation and more than 200 bereaved family members of the ferry Sewol disaster.

Han Sang Gyun, chairman of the confederation, declared it would fight to put an end to the Park corrupt regime, not yielding to any threat.

Yu Kyong Gun, executive chairman of the April 16 Family Consultative Council, noted it would join members of the confederation in actions.

At the end of the rally the participants staged demonstrations, shouting slogan "Park regime step down!"

Meanwhile, there took place a rally in Youido, Seoul denouncing the puppet authorities for retrogressively revising the structure of labor market with at least 120,000 workers under the Federation of Trade Unions attending.

Speakers deplored that the reality of south Korea is becoming more disastrous and miserable and there is neither hope nor future.

That day members of the Government Employees Union staged a strike in Seoul in protest against the Park group's moves to retrogressively revise pension for government employees.

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