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Kim Jong Un Sends Letter to Participants in 7th National Conference of Sportspersons
Pyongyang, March 26 (KCNA) -- Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un sent a letter "Let Us Usher in a New Heyday of Building a Sporting Power in the Revolutionary Spirit of Paektu" to the participants in the 7th National Meeting of Sportspersons on Wednesday.

In the letter he said the National Conference of Sportspersons marks an important occasion in further glorifying the undying feats performed by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il for the country's sports development and bringing about a turning phase in realizing the Workers' Party of Korea's plan for building a sporting power.

Sports have a very important role to play in increasing the national power, exalting the dignity and honor of the nation, arousing national pride and self-esteem among the people and making revolutionary spirit prevail in the whole society, the letter said, and went on:

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il set forth sports development as an important issue related to the prosperity of the country and the nation and indicated the path to be followed by the Juche-oriented sports with their outstanding ideology and leadership and thus ushered in the new history of building a sporting power.

Under the leadership of the party, the traits of attaching importance to sports have been established in the whole country, enthusiasm for sports has grown stronger than ever before and sportspersons have registered big successes in games.

It is the determination and fixed will of the party to bring about a drastic turn in sports and put the DPRK on the position of a dignified sporting power within a few years to come, he stressed, and went on:

An important goal set by the party in building the sporting power is to remarkably raise professional sports techniques of the country and encourage players to hold initiatives in international games and fully display the dignity and stamina of the country.

"Let us rush forward towards the finish line of building a sporting power in the revolutionary spirit of Paektu!" This is a militant slogan to be held high by the sportspersons.

Stressing the need for all the sportspersons to create a fresh sports myth about heroic Korea in international games with their soul and hearts ablaze with the revolutionary spirit of Paektu and the revolutionary spirit of the blizzards of Paektu, Kim Jong Un specified tasks and ways for doing so.

A main link in the chain of the efforts for fully preparing sportspersons ideologically and morally and in physical technique and tactically is to intensify training.

It is essential to drastically raise the role of coaches who are organizers and executors of training and games.

Our own advantageous sporting methods should be created and positively employed.

The DPRK championships and other national sports games should be organized the year round and sports teams should frequently hold training games, examination games, challenge games and visiting games for further developing sports technique.

Players should be encouraged to take part in many international games so that they can raise the level of their technique and accumulate experience through matches.

Big efforts should be channeled into developing sports events with chance of winning.

Those sports events that suit the constitutional peculiarities of Koreans and which have traditions of having gained successes in international games in the past should be set as events with chance of winning and efforts be focused on them.

Other events like defence sports, marine sports and winter sports should also be pushed forward with main emphasis on those sports events with chance of winning to hold Asian titles in many sports events and, furthermore, win world championship.

The work of training reserve sports players and sports officials should also be strengthened.

After proper selection of reserve sports players, good care should be taken of them.

Efforts should be directed to raising the level of sports officials including sports guidance officials, coaches of sports teams and sports teachers.

Sports should be made popular to be part of a daily life so that all the people can enjoy sports and enthusiasm for sports sweeps across the country.

Physical culture and sports should be improved and strengthened at schools and sports activities be intensified at the industrial establishment and co-op farms.

Games should be organized among cities, counties, institutions, enterprises and co-op farms along with provincial mass sports contests to help working people train their bodies and minds and give rise to the enthusiasm for sports.

It is necessary to briskly conduct a movement for winning the title of model sports county and model sports units and organize well a sports month.

Sports science research field should develop techniques of sports events in our style from the Juche stand and channel primary efforts into researches into solving scientific and technological problems arising in developing techniques of sports events to which the party attaches importance.

Sports science and technical information service should be intensified so that players and coaches may be well versed in the international trend of the development of techniques of sports events and information about their rivals in international games and thus become strong enough to beat them.

Deep state attention should be paid to the work for fully providing data and conditions necessary for the study of sports science.

The Academy of Sports Science should build up a strong force for studying sports science, work out a long-term and realistic plan for the development of sports science to suit the specific conditions of the country and in line with the modern trend of the sports science development and dynamically press for the drive of pushing back the frontiers in the study of sports science.

It is important to raise the function and role of sports guidance organs in every way in order to successfully carry out all the tasks to be fulfilled to build the sporting power.

External activities should be positively conducted to create environment and conditions favorable for the nation's sports development.

Big party and state efforts should be directed to consolidating the material foundation of sports field and increasing social concern be shown for sports.

Sportspersons should be projected and preferentially treated socially.

Party guidance over the sports work should be strengthened.

Kim Jong Un expressed the conviction that all the officials and sportspersons would bring about a fresh turn in building the sporting power with the conference as an occasion and thus creditably live up to the trust and expectation of the party.

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