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Tok Islets, Part of Korea's Territory: DPRK Scholar
Pyongyang, March 10 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries are now getting evermore pronounced in the scheme to grab Tok Islets of Korea.

However, Japan's historical data go to prove that the islets belong to Korea, said Dr. Ri Yong Sik, department head of Kim Il Sung University.

He told KCNA:

History books of Japan, published in the 17th century, refer to the patriotic activities of a Korean fisherman and to the fact that the then Tokugawa shogunate government of Japan acknowledged Ullung Island and Tok Islets are parts of Korea's territory.

Its old maps and modern history books, too, show that Tok Islets belong to Korea.

Contained in an official document issued by Japan's Meiji government on March 20, 1877 is the final decision that Japan has nothing to do with Ullung Island and another island (Tok Islets).

The fact that Tok Islets belong to Korea is also proven by Japan's historical data discovered in recent years. In 2012 some old maps of Japan were opened to the public, among them an old map showing Japan's proper and Tok Islets marked in different colors.

In general, historical data of Japan evidently prove that Tok Islets had never belonged to it.

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