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KCNA Commentary Accuses S. Korean Regime of Trying to Link Case of Attack on U.S. Ambassador with DPRK
Pyongyang, March 10 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet group is making much fuss over the recent case of attack on the U.S. ambassador in Seoul.

What is ridiculous is its attempt to link the case with the DPRK.

The chief executive of south Korea, even before grasping the real situation, talked about "backstage forces" and cried out for thoroughly probing the truth behind the case. Pursuant to her order, the puppet group is busy holding a security meeting, etc. to kick off a racket of investigation after labeling the attack as a "deed of a follower of the north."

Presidential Chief of Staff Ri Pyong Gi undisguisedly revealed his sinister design to link the case with the DPRK, crying out for "taking a decisive measure" against "the forces denying constitutional value", "making a strict investigation into the case" and "clarifying as to whether there were wire-pullers or not" and the like. Those of the "Saenuri Party" are becoming increasingly vocal terming the case a "terrible one that targeted the heart of the south Korea-U.S. alliance" and "a deed of a follower of the north." They even talked about "the case's ideological linkage with the north".

This is part of moves of the puppet group to distract attention from the shame it experienced in international eyes, wipe out the pro-reunification patriotic forces and intensify its anti-DPRK conspiratorial racket in the international arena.

As claimed by the attacker, his deed was an eruption of his protest and indignation against Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military drills now underway by the south Korean puppet group in league with its U.S. master.

As far as U.S. Ambassador Lippert is concerned, he is no more than a bellicose element that has been keen on conspiratorial smear campaign against the DPRK since he took an important post at the Defense Department, asserting missiles of the DPRK and its "programme for developing WMDs" are posing a "serious and direct threat" to the U.S. allies in the region and the U.S. territory.

Earlier this year shortly after his appointment as U.S. ambassador to south Korea, he appeared at a reception hosted by the U.S.-south Korea lawmakers' diplomatic council in Seoul. There, he talked such rubbish that "the DPRK will be unable to simultaneously push forward two fronts," urging it to make one of the two "choices" -- "abandoning its policy of simultaneously developing two fronts" or "getting exposed to severer sanctions."

At a meeting later, he talked such invectives that "the north can never pursue its prosperity and security as long as it has nukes."

No wonder, such a guy was attacked as he worked hard to realize the sinister design to stifle the DPRK and spoil the north-south relations at any cost.

The south Korean authorities' move to escalate the north-south confrontation by taking advantage of the above-said case is as foolish an act as digging up their own graves.

Conspiratorial smear campaign is no more than the last-ditch effort of those facing a crisis.

The conservative group of south Korea should not run riot, facing up to the situation.

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