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Halt to Key Resolve and Foal Eagle Demanded by Romanian Body
Pyongyang, March 10 (KCNA) -- The Romanian Workers' Association issued a statement on March 3 in denunciation of the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces' joint military exercises Key Resolve and Foal Eagle.

The statement said that a dangerous climate in which a new war may be ignited is being created on the Korean peninsula.

It went on:

Their assertion that the exercises are "annual" and "defensive" is nothing but a clumsy pretext and the large-scale military exercises are a preliminary war for invading the DPRK from A to Z.

We fully support the statement of the spokesman for the General Staff of the Korean People's Army and the statement of the spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry in which they accused the aggressive U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises and declared their will to mercilessly punish the provokers.

We also urge the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces to immediately halt the joint military exercises and withdraw all their armed forces for aggression from the Korean peninsula and its surrounding areas.

The U.S. can not bring to its knees the Korean people who are single-mindedly united around their leader and have a powerful army but will meet a doom.

It should clearly bear in mind that tiger moth fond of playing with fire is bound to perish in flames.

The Korean people, who turned out in the struggle against the U.S., will certainly win the final victory.

The world progressives will always stand with the righteous Korean people.

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