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Kim Jong Un Publishes Work Calling for Turning Mountains of Country into Thick Woodland
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Marshal Kim Jong Un published work "Let Entire Party and Whole Army and All People Conduct a Vigorous Forest Restoration Campaign to Cover Mountains of Country with Woods" on Feb. 26.

Saying the tree-planting day is just a few days off, Kim Jong Un recalled that President Kim Il Sung climbed Moran Hill on March 2, 1946 and unrolled a far-reaching plan to turn all the mountains into people's paradise in thick verdure by planting lots of trees.

Leader Kim Jong Il advanced a plan to turn the whole country into thick woodland and greenery and worked heart and soul for it till the last moments of his life, Kim Jong Un said.

Noting that bare mountains and earth-covered ones should never be handed to posterity, he stressed it is the firm determination and will of the Workers' Party of Korea to turn all the mountains of the country into mountains of treasure and gold clad in thick verdure in a decade to come, true to the intentions of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Calling on the entire party and army and all the people to turn the mountains of the country into thick woodland through a vigorous campaign to restore forests, he specified tasks and ways for doing so.

The campaign to restore forests is like a war with nature, he noted, underscoring the need to simultaneously push forward the work for creating forests and the work for conserving them.

He said the work for creating forests should not be done in such a way as planting a few trees or transplanting overgrown trees in a ceremonial manner on the tree-planting day as what happened in the past but all people should turn out as one to plant trees and tend them after raising lots of saplings.

The Central Tree Nursery and other tree nurseries should massively produce a variety of tree saplings of good species and it is necessary to plant trees qualitatively, he noted, and went on:

As many people in various fields are mobilized for tree-planting, it is important to provide proper guidance to make sure that technical regulations are observed in planting trees.

There should be a strict system whereby trees are taken care of in a responsible manner by organs, enterprises and units which planted them.

Economic forests, forest reserves and scenic woods should be arranged in a rational way while conducting the campaign to restore forests.

The work for protecting forests should be pushed forward from the standpoint that protection of forests precisely means the protection of land, ecological environment and economy.

In order to protect forest resources, it is necessary to take positive measures to settle the fuel issue including the ones of creating firewood forests in regions and increasing coal production and supply for residents.

Forest scientific research institutions should study and settle the scientific and technological issues arising in raising trees and creating and conserving forests.

It is imperative to take steps for introducing the world's advanced science and technology on creation and protection of forests and widely disseminating them.

The Academy of Forestry should be built up into the world's first-class academy. At the same time, forest science institutes in provinces should be built up well.

The work for restoring forests should be tenaciously pushed forward as it is a long-term work which should be done, foreseeing ten years.

Kim Jong Un said that the forest restoration campaign is an important political work to carry out the behests of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and the greatest patriotic work for the development of the country and the prosperity of the generations to come.

He went on:

"Let the entire Party, whole army and all the people be enlisted in a vigorous forest restoration campaign!" This is the militant slogan put up by the WPK at present.

The Korean People's Army should take the lead in the forest restoration campaign and the army-people coordinated operation and the mass movement should be conducted positively.

He stressed the need to dynamically conduct information service and agitation to arouse the entire party and army and all the people to the forest restoration campaign, increase the role of the headquarters of the campaign and for the officials to take the lead in the campaign.

He expressed belief that officials, service personnel, working people and school youth and children would turn out as one in the forest restoration campaign, the noble patriotic cause, in hearty response to the appeal of the Party Central Committee.

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