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Kim Jong Un Gives Field Guidance to Construction Site of Sci-Tech Complex
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army (KPA), gave field guidance to the construction site of the Sci-Tech Complex.

He asked commanding officers in detail about the amount of the work done at present, the measure taken for the supply of building materials and knotty problems arising in the project. After being briefed on it before a map showing the bird's eye view of the complex, he went round the construction site and gave important instructions.

The complex should serve as a seat of learning where not only scientists and technicians but also people from all walks of life can have an ample opportunity of learning and a center for disseminating latest science and technology throughout the country, he said, calling for constructing it to be impeccable in terms of architectural beauty and practical use.

He gave an instruction to build a hotel capable of accommodating 500 people which can match well its surrounding environment so that it may provide best convenience to visitors.

He called for pushing ahead with the construction of the complex and preparations for its operation simultaneously.

He underscored the need to meticulously organize the work for building a strong latest science and technology database, supplying equipment and apparatuses necessary for e-library service at the highest level, establishing a network between the complex and scientific and technological knowledge dissemination rooms across the country and assigning scientists, experts and service workers.

He underlined the need to successfully undertake the embankment project on Ssuk Islet where the complex is located and effectively arrange environment around it including afforestation and greening.

He praised commanding officers and soldiers of KPA Unit 963 for contriving and introducing an innovative construction method and pushing ahead with the project in a bold way.

He said every sector and unit should render sincere material and moral assistance to the construction of the complex so that it may be pushed forward as a project involving the entire Party, the whole country and all people.

He was so kind as to solve all problems arising in the construction on the spot.

He said that the construction of the complex should be completed by the 70th anniversary of the WPK unconditionally.

Accompanying him were Premier Pak Pong Ju, O Su Yong, secretary of the C.C., the WPK, Han Kwang Bok and Han Kwang Sang, department directors of the C.C., the WPK, Ri Jae Il, its first vice department director, and Jo Yong Won and Jo Thae San, its vice department directors.

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