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Rodong Sinmun on WPK and DPRK Government's Avowed Idea of Foreign Policy
Pyongyang, January 3 (KCNA) -- Supreme leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year address for 2015 dealt with the idea of foreign policy to be invariably held fast to by the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK government.

International friendship and cooperation among peace-loving countries and nations serve as driving power and condition for victory to dynamically push ahead with the accomplishment of the cause of global independence, Rodong Sinmun Saturday says in an article.

It goes on:

It is an essential and just option under the present international situation to develop the good-neighborly relations with all countries and all peoples on the principle of respect for sovereignty.

Each country has a right to preserve peace and realize sovereignty and a duty to respect the sovereignty, not harassing peace of other countries.

Independent stand is a fundamental one that the popular masses should preserve in all activities and also a foundation of the international friendship and cooperation.

It is the consistent stand of the DPRK to develop the good-neighborly relations and friendly and cooperative relations with all countries that respect its national sovereignty and are friendly to it.

It depends on the U.S. attitude whether the state of armistice and belligerency is removed or not, and durable peace on the Korean Peninsula is preserved or not.

The U.S. should make a bold political switchover, not relying on an anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK and reckless moves for aggression.

The DPRK always remains unchanged in its stand.

It will strive to develop friendly and cooperative relations and good neighborly relations with all the countries that respect its national sovereignty and are friendly to it, in the future, too, and thus contribute to foiling the war policy of imperialist aggression forces and their moves of dominationism, preserving peace and realizing global independence.

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