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S. Korean Paper Denounces Suppression of Jongyojo
Pyongyang, September 4 (KCNA) -- The south Korean internet paper Voice of People on Tuesday posted an editorial titled "Can conscience of teachers be subject to punishment?" in denunciation of the authorities' suppression of the Teachers Union (Jongyojo).

Education at school is very poor owing to the unpopular education policy of the "government", the editorial said, and went on:

The "government's" suppression of Jongyojo has gone beyond the tolerance limit, in particular.

Teachers made public a declaration on the situation to prevent the recurrence of the ferry Sewol disaster and as they could not remain an onlooker to the moves of the present "government" and the "Saenuri Party" to evade the responsibility for it. Can it be subject to investigation by the prosecution?

What the teachers wanted over the ferry Sewol disaster was a responsible act prompted by their compunction that they can not hand over such an instable society to children and by their conscience as educators.

Now the people hope for improving the dark reality of education and giving right education to children, and support Jongyojo.

Nevertheless, the present "government" does not stop indiscriminate suppression of Jongyojo.

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