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2nd Conference of Architects Union of Korea Held
Pyongyang, September 3 (KCNA) -- The Second Conference of the Architects Union of Korea took place at the Central Youth Hall on Wednesday.

Present there were O Su Yong, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Choe Yong Gon, vice-premier of the Cabinet, officials concerned and delegates chosen at provincial conferences.

The conference decided as agenda items "On the review of the work of the C.C., Architects Union of Korea", "On the amendment of rules of the Architects Union of Korea" and "On the election of the guiding organ of the C.C., Architects Union of Korea".

Sim Yong Hak, vice-chairman of the C.C., Architects Union of Korea, made a report on the first agenda item.

The reporter recalled leader Kim Jong Il attached great importance to the role of the union in the building of a thriving nation and paid a deep attention to the work for developing the union.

The past decade covered by the union in its history is associated with the wise leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un, another master of architecture and genius of creation and construction, he said, and went on:

Kim Jong Un learned in detail about the union's work several times and clarified the issues to be solved by the union to perform its responsibility and role as a social organization of architects and construction experts.

The work of the union has been steadily strengthened and the role of its members been increased. As a result, the union has made a positive contribution to implementing the grandiose plan of the party for building a highly civilized socialist nation.

All the successes are a brilliant fruition of the wise guidance of Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un.

All the officials and members of the union should bring about a fresh surge and innovations in creating the Juche-oriented architecture, remaining loyal to the idea and leadership of Kim Jong Un, and make a tangible contribution to winning the final victory in the drive for building a thriving nation.

Speeches on the first agenda item were made by Pang Se Yong, section chief of the C.C., Architects Union of Korea; Ri Ki Chol, secretary general of the North Phyongan Provincial Committee of the Union; Jong Hui Chol, vice department director of the State Design Guidance Bureau; Paek Nam Hyok, rector of College of Land and Environment Protection under Pyongyang University of Architecture; and others.

A decision on the first agenda item was adopted.

Discussions were made on the second and third agenda items.

Amended rules of the union were adopted and the new guidance organ of the C.C., Architects Union of Korea was elected at the conference.

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