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Kim Jong Il's Songun Revolutionary Feats Lauded by Syrian Figure
Pyongyang, September 3 (KCNA) -- Saber Ballul, head of the Department of the Political Faculty of the University of Damascus of Syria, issued a statement on Aug. 24 on the occasion of the Day of Songun in the DPRK.

Aug. 25 is a significant day for the world progressives, he said, and continued:

On Aug. 25, 1960, leader Kim Jong Il provided his first field guidance for his Songun revolutionary leadership to the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean People's Army (KPA).

Thanks to his Songun politics, the DPRK emerged a military power which no one dares provoke.

Such politics is the wisest political mode and a treasured sword for victory with which to defend the sovereignty of the country in the present world where the law of the jungle prevails.

He developed the KPA into the strong army equipped with modern military hardware by pursuing original Songun politics and thus decisively frustrated the hostile forces' moves to stifle the DPRK and won one victory after another.

Thanks to his Songun politics, the DPRK ranked itself among nuclear weapons states and satellite manufacturers and launchers in the world.

The Songun revolutionary feats performed by him for the Korean revolution and the peace and security of the world will last forever.

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